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Portraiture Project at Quail Summit

Barb with Aniya on reveal night 2018

 Don’t miss this opportunity! For the third year running, Tim Williams and his amazing art students from Honeoye High School will partner with Quail Summit residents to build friendships and create stunning works of art.   We need resident volunteers to be models for portraits.  Students will meet with residents on February 7th at 4pm in the Card Room to learn about lives,

accomplishments, favorites, etc.  Photos will be taken, and the students will then head for the studio to begin their master pieces.   Follow up visits may be scheduled as needed.  This is a favorite event for both the students and residents.  This year we anticipate the project to be filmed as the subject matter for an RIT film student – a special treat for all involved. We will again plan an art opening for friends and family when the portraits are completed.   Please see Wendy Ubbink or Alice Berry with any questions.

Bob with Hannah on portraiture reveal night 2018