Day of Caring at Quail Summit

Today was a beautiful day for the Ontario County Day of Caring. Quail Summit was honored and delighted by our very talented group of volunteers from the Cornell Cooperative Extension. Our Memory Care Garden is well on it’s way to Wonderful! Thank you United Way and Cornell Cooperative Extension Team.

2019 Portraiture Project – Honeoye Artists Reveal paintings at Quail Summit

2019 Class of Tim Williams Art Students
Inge with Cora
Ellen & Keith with Troa
Ginny with Mr. Williams
Steve with Brianna

Al with Caitlin
Louise with Claire
Barb with daughter Karen and Lydia
Margie with Emily
Mary with Annalee
Richard & Marie with Jocelyn
Lewis with Audrey
Kathryn with Danielle
Bill’s photo with Emma and Mr. Williams
Tilly and Caitlin
Janet with Emma
Bill’s painting with wife Hope
RIT Student film crew – SMILE
Anne with Jacob
Sharleen with Rylie
Barbara with Carley
Morgan with painting of Jean
Jean with painting by Morgan
Frank and Angela with Yahira
Thank you – Photos and chocolate bars to celebrate!!

A Trip to the Abbey or Genesee in Piffard, NY

The Abbey of Genesee welcomes visitors to join their community for liturgical prayer in the Abbey Church or to spend time in quiet solitary prayer. A porter is available throughout the day to provide assistance and answer questions. Adjoining the reception room they offer a selection of books and CDs about spiritual and monastic life. […]

Second Wind Dreams – Apply Now!!

Monday, May 13th, the Second Wind Dreams team will be giving presentations about the program. Harbor residents, please come to the dining room at 4:30pm to learn more about the program. Estates residents will be able to learn more after dinner, while enjoying dessert, around 5:30pm. Anyone submitting a dream will be entered to win […]

SALT Presentation for May – Come with Questions

Quail Summit will host SALT (Seniors And Lawmen Together) on Tuesday, May 21st at 11:00am.  Guest speaker Gavin Reynolds, Supervising Attorney from Legal Assistance of Western New York, will review the powers, details and limitations of Powers of Attorney, wills, probate and Estate Executors.  Come with your questions.  Family members are welcome to attend and […]

History of Memorial Day

The first nationwide Memorial Day parade was held on May 30, 1868 by a group of Civil War Union Army Vets.  They were known as “Grand Army of the Republic”. Why they chose May 30, no one knows. It had no real significance.  Rumor has it that it did coincide with May 26, 1865, which […]

Easter Dinner April 21st

Ham Green Bean Casserole Hawaiian Rolls Watergate Salad ( a side dish salad made from pistachio pudding, canned pineapple, whipped topping, and marshmallows) Carrot Cake Times: Village and Harbor-12:00 and Estates-1:00 Cost-$14.00 for guests R.S.V.P  at front desk