Spring Bake-Off

When the temperatures are rising, it’s a sign that a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables are available. Who doesn’t love strawberries, rhubarb, lemons, and lime?  Quail Summit will hold a Spring Bake – Off on March 19th at 2:30 pm, the first day of spring.   If you would like to compete, the categories  […]

Portraiture Project

Don’t miss this one! For the fourth year running, Tim Williams and his amazing art students from Honeoye High School will partner with Quail Summit residents to build friendships and create stunning works of art.   We need resident volunteers to be models for portraits.   Students will meet with residents on March 12th at 3:00pm […]

Quail Summit Management Team

Gloria Harrington, Executive Director         gharrington@quailsummit.com Bonnie Babcock, Assistant Executive Director bbabcock@quailsummit.com Patricia Bailey, Wellness Director pbailey@quailsummit.com Jeff Schott, Business Manager jschott@quailsummit.com Alice Berry, Community Outreach Director aberry@quailsummit.com Becky Boylan, Food Service Director rboylan@quailsummit.com Randy Sears, Maintenance Director rsears@quailsummit.com Wendy Ubbink, Life Enrichment Director wubbink@quailsummit.com

Simple Safety

Simple Safety Reminders from Maintenance and Housekeeping Just a few general safety reminders for Quail Summit residents, families, and friends.  The following are Department of Health requirements in the Harbor and Village programs: · There is a limit of one surge protector per room · Three prong adapters of any kind are not permitted · Space heaters are not […]

Quail Summit’s Tree of Love

Valentine’s Day is a day to cherish loved ones and a day when lost loved ones are sorely missed.  In celebration of everlasting love, Quail Summit invites you to join in filling our tree with hearts for Valentines past and present.  Quail Summit’s Tree of Love will be filled with heart-shaped ornaments with the handwritten […]

Spiritual Care for Women

Got the “blahs”? Not looking forward to 2020 with all its dissension? Feeling tired and discouraged? Try a session of Spiritual Care for Women! It’s a time for reflecting, discussing, reading scripture and praying. Each week we study a fruit of the spirit, which is a fancy way of saying necessities for happy living. For […]

Teddy Bear Volunteers Needed

On Wednesday, December 18th at 1:00 in the afternoon Quail Summit will deliver Teddy Bears to children who will absolutely love them.   The help needed: counting and bagging bears, loading bears into the bus, delivering bears to kids, singing Christmas carols / possibility of reading story books with children.  If any of these jobs sounds […]

Holiday Spirit Week

Are you ready to share your Holiday Spirit? We have some special days coming up, which will be the perfect opportunity to do so. Monday, December 16th-Candy Cane Day (Wear red and white) Tuesday, December 17th-Holiday Bling Day (Wear your favorite holiday accessories; jewelry, pins, watch, etc..) Wednesday, December 18th-Holiday Dress up Day (Wear your […]

Winter Safety Tips

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! When the temperature drops, older adults run a higher risk of health problems and injuries related to the weather, including hypothermia, frostbite, and falls in ice and snow. Like most things in life, it is better to be prepared. Here are a few precautions everyone should take, especially older adults, during the winter. Hypothermia […]

Here are 10 good reasons to get up and walk:

1. Walking strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system.  2. Weight management.   3. Diabetes prevention.  4. Boost your brain power.   5. Improve mood and relieve stress.  6. Boost your immune system 7. It’s good for bone strength. 8. Revs your energy.  9.  It’s good for bone strength. 10. Staying power. Walking has the highest compliance rate of any exercise plan.  People who […]