Greetings from Gloria

Happy New Year! In 2018, may the residents, families, and Quail Summit staff find new opportunities hidden in each day!

January is National Food Servers Month, Quail Summit is fortunate to have a dedicated group of servers who work in the Estates Dining Rooms: Sonja Bartell, Kayte Baumgartner, Milissa Beyea, Ashley Chrisman, Rebecca Hudson, Katrina Majkut, Rebekah Ratt, Michelle Smith, Amanda Vitale. Our college students: Ryne Smith, Sam Viggiani, and Emily Young. In the Harbor: Carol Smith.
We thank them for their courtesy, kindness, and efficiency.

The Life Enrichment Department under Wendy Ubbink’s leadership has planned a variety of fun activities for January, and February looks even more exciting. So don’t forget to check out the monthly calendar. Don’t hibernate, don’t isolate yourself, do join in activities with fellow residents. Invite your family and friends to join in the Quail Summit January fun.

See you at Quail Summit,

Gloria Harrington
Executive Director