Garage Sale at Quail Summit

Back by popular demand, the Quail Summit garage sale will take place Friday June 8th and Saturday June 9th in the Carport. This year’s sale will benefit two programs; Second Wind Dreams and the Quail Summit High School Senior Scholarship Fund. Second Wind Dreams is a not for profit organization dedicated to bringing older adults to the forefront of society through fulfillment of dreams and innovative educational programs. The organization makes dreams come true for Quail Summit residents. The Quail Summit High School Senior Scholarship is a new program this year. Funds will be awarded to Quail Summit staff as they graduate from high school.

Here is how you can become involved:
• Volunteer for the Garage Sale planning committee – First meeting May 2nd at 4:00 in the Art Room
• As you do your “Spring Cleaning”, gather your gently used items and set them aside
• June 5,6 and 7th, bring your items to the Quail Summit Carport – already priced items will be greatly appreciated
• Volunteer to help with organizing and pricing
• Volunteer to help on sale days
• Help spread the word to your friends and family who like to shop
• Shop, Shop, Shop!!!