Greetings from Gloria…

February is here. Residents wonder if the ground hog will see his shadow, most residents will hope he doesn’t see his shadow, which means an early spring.  The American Heart Association designates February as Heart Month, and staff and residents will be encouraged to wear RED on Wednesdays.

Valentine’s Day will be among the celebrations taking place this month. While February is primarily for lovers, you can also celebrate the day with your friends. The bond of friendship can be strengthened with a simple act of love. Let your friends know how much you enjoy their companionship. Friendship is a basic human need.  Quail Summit provides the setting for developing new friends or becoming reacquainted with friends from long ago, perhaps from school days. New friendships can be formed by attending the variety of activities offered, be it book club, coloring for adults, bingo, or exercise class.  Join in welcoming new residents to Quail Summit, your life and theirs will be enriched.

While February is the shortest month, for some, it is the longest month of the year. The cold, the gray skies, and, of course, the snow.  Reach out to your friends and neighbors, and let’s make February a special month filled with the love of friendship.

Please take time to review the enclosed activities calendars. The staff and I hope that you will join in the fun here.

See you at Quail Summit!

Sincerely, Gloria Harrington