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A Trip to the Abbey or Genesee in Piffard, NY

The Abbey of Genesee welcomes visitors to join their community for liturgical prayer in the Abbey Church or to spend time in quiet solitary prayer. A porter is available throughout the day to provide assistance and answer questions.

Adjoining the reception room they offer a selection of books and CDs about spiritual and monastic life. A variety of Monks’ Bread products from the bakery along with select products from other monastic and local communities are available in the bookstore.

They have a meeting room, Merton Hall, where we are invited for a talk on monastic life and  invited to watch  a short video tour of the monastery.

Afterwards, we are able to attend mid-day prayer with the monastic community in the guest area of the church at 12:00.

We will be taking a bus trip to go visit the Abbey of Genesee on Wednesday, May 22nd. We will be leaving at 10:00am, right after Catholic Communion. Please join us.