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Cruise on the SS Quail Summit

This year we have been traveling around the world by celebrating a different country every month. February we featured China, March-Ireland, April-Russia, May-Mexico. June our travel destination will be the Tropical Islands.

To celebrate the tropics and kick off summer, we will be  having a cruise week at Quail. Each day we will be doing something fun, with hope to give us a little feel of being on a cruise-without the ship. Please join us as we celebrate!

Sunday, June 23rd-To get in the mood for a cruise, join Gary in the Outlet at 2:30pm to watch some of the first season of “The Love Boat”.

Monday, June 24thTropical Shirt Day

Wear something fun and have your picture taken at our photo booth, during our Casting off Party at 2:30pm in the Card Room.

Tuesday, June 25th-Hat Day

Start out your day by putting on your favorite hat and coming down to a pancake breakfast. Next learn about sunscreen and wellness with Mel. Then, put on your favorite hat and join Gary as he shows a travel video of the tropics at 3:30pm. During this time, we would like you to share your favorite cruise memories and bring pictures if you have them.

Wednesday, June 26th-Sunglasses Day

Even if it is a cloudy day, there will be sun at Quail. Pull out your favorite sunglasses and share a Strawberry Daiquri with your friends at 1:30pm in the Card Room. Then join us in the evening as we sit outside to listen to the POPS Victor Community Band at 7:00pm.

Thursday, June 27thFormal Dress up Day

Get your thinking caps on and join Joe in the Estates Dining room at 2:00pm, as he entertains us with his Trivia/Musical game show, “The Show of Love.” Then feel free to dress up and have dinner with Captain Gloria at 5:00pm.

Friday, June 28th-Popcorn Day

It may be our last day of cruising, but the fun is not over. If you are in the mood for popcorn, please stop by the Lobby today and help yourself. At 12:45pm you have the chance to go on a Gambling Excursion to the Finger Lakes Race Track and Casino. If casinos are not your thing, you may be interested in our Caribbean Happy Hour at 3:30 with steel drums, featuring tropical cocktails and appetizers.

Thanks for Cruising!