Second Wind Dreams – Apply Now!!

Monday, May 13th, the Second Wind Dreams team will be giving presentations about the program. Harbor residents, please come to the dining room at 4:30pm to learn more about the program. Estates residents will be able to learn more after dinner, while enjoying dessert, around 5:30pm. Anyone submitting a dream will be entered to win […]

SALT Presentation for May – Come with Questions

Quail Summit will host SALT (Seniors And Lawmen Together) on Tuesday, May 21st at 11:00am.  Guest speaker Gavin Reynolds, Supervising Attorney from Legal Assistance of Western New York, will review the powers, details and limitations of Powers of Attorney, wills, probate and Estate Executors.  Come with your questions.  Family members are welcome to attend and […]

History of Memorial Day

The first nationwide Memorial Day parade was held on May 30, 1868 by a group of Civil War Union Army Vets.  They were known as “Grand Army of the Republic”. Why they chose May 30, no one knows. It had no real significance.  Rumor has it that it did coincide with May 26, 1865, which […]

May is National Stroke Awareness Month

A stroke is a “brain attack”. It can happen to anyone at any time. It occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain is cut off. When this happens, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die. When brain cells die during a stroke, abilities controlled by that area of the […]

Wegmans Organic Farm

Growing Organics Close To Home-From Family Farms Near our Stores On March 13th at 2:00pm please join Alison Hayes to learn about the Wegmans Organic Farm, regenerative agricultural practices, and our relationships with partner-growers to increase the regional fruit and veggie supply. Sure to be interesting and informative.

Life of the Seneca

Don’t miss this event at Quail Summit! Presentation will cover the formation of the Haudenosaunee Culture, specifically the Senecas at Ganondagan. It will include the importance of the construction of the Seneca Bark Longhouse. Everyday life in the Bark Longhouse of the 1600’s will be explained. Interpreters may bring a variety of items from the […]

Take Good Care of Yourself!

Join local authors Nancy Alexander, PT and Judith Shenouda as they present “Take Good Care of Yourself!” at Quail Summit Thursday, March 14 at 3:00pm. This upbeat, fun-filled program will help you nurture your physical, spiritual, and social wellness and uncover the rewards that come from engaging in creative pursuits. Nancy and Judy will read […]

Sleep Awareness Month

Sunday is March 10th start of daylight-saving time which will throw off the clock only by an hour, but many times that’s enough to leave people feeling groggy for a day or two. Setting clocks ahead an hour, causes us to lose an hour of sleep that night; daylight saving time allows us more light […]

Save the Date

Health Literacy Presentation in coordination with the Finger Lakes Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease Health Literacy Presentation Topic: Communicating Effectively with Your Healthcare Providers Tuesday, April 9th 11:00 AM Quail Summit – Open to Friends and Family  Join us for this interactive session on how to improve communication with your doctor and learn how to become an advocate for yourself […]

February is National Cancer Prevention Month

There are many factors which can cause cancer, not all of which are fully understood. Despite this uncertainty, we are aware of some ways to decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer. February is National Cancer Prevention Month. It is estimated that a third of US cancer cases could be prevented through diet […]