Family and Visitors information on Coronavirus (COVD-19)

While there is no current exposure of COVID-19 exposure to Quail Summit residents, staff or visitors, Quail Summit continue to work with both the Ontario County Public Health Department and the New York State Department of Health. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) urges individuals take the following steps: Practice hand hygiene – regular hand […]

Greetings from Gloria……

The signs of spring, extended daylight hours, warmer temperatures, and snow drops signal to residents and staff alike that spring is just around the corner. I am pleased to announce the appointment of Patricia (Patty) Bailey, BSN, RN., as the new Director of the Wellness Department. Patty comes to Quail Summit after recently moving back […]

Greetings from Gloria…

Michael (Mike) Dowdle has joined Quail Summit as Staff and Resident Educator. Mike hails from Farmington and he recently retired from the Bloomfield Central School District where he taught high school biology. Mike is using his skills as an educator to help orient new staff and train our caregiving staff. He plans monthly in-service programs […]

Spiritual Care for Women

Got the “blahs”? Not looking forward to 2020 with all its dissension? Feeling tired and discouraged? Try a session of Spiritual Care for Women! It’s a time for reflecting, discussing, reading scripture and praying. Each week we study a fruit of the spirit, which is a fancy way of saying necessities for happy living. For […]

Thank you from Bettina

To all my wonderful clients who come to the hair salon,  I would like to thank you all for your business and would like to thank those who blessed me with Christmas gifts.   I appreciate you all very much and am so thankful for you all.     I wish you a very Happy New Year […]

Greetings from Gloria

             January 1st, each year, often causes people to reflect on the past year, events that are sad: the death of a long time friend, family member or spouse, an incurable disease; and the positive or happy memories of the last year: a birth of a great grandchild: recovery from a short term illness. The […]

Making New Memories

Making New Memories with Second Wind Dreams How does a centenarian hit a baseball?  Sounds like the start of a great joke, but it’s what Second Wind Dream and Quail Summit achieved this summer.  Through Second Wind Dreams, Quail Summit listens to the wishes of residents and endeavors to make their dreams materialize.  Second Wind […]

October is National Positive Attitude Month

Positive Attitude Month is an annual designation observed in October. A positive attitude is the best trait you can carry with you, because it makes any difficult or frustrating situation a lot easier to deal with. If you look at most scenarios as “glass half empty,” now is the time to change that! Remember to […]

Spiritual Growth for Women

Who? Women of Quail Summit. Facilitator: Sherrie Winters What? Focus on fruit of the spirit (Galations 5:22-23) Discussions, readings, sharing our stories of faith, prayer. When? First and third Wednesdays of the month; 3:00pm in the Estates Lounge. Why? Here at Quail Summit we have exercises for the body-balance class, Tai Chi and for the […]