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Here are 10 good reasons to get up and walk:

1. Walking strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system. 

2. Weight management.  

3. Diabetes prevention. 

4. Boost your brain power.  

5. Improve mood and relieve stress. 

6. Boost your immune system

7. It’s good for bone strength.

8. Revs your energy. 

9.  It’s good for bone strength.

10. Staying power.

Walking has the highest compliance rate of any exercise plan.  People who begin a walking routine tend to stick with it as they see results of their efforts.  Walkers also report enjoying the activity especially when walking with a friend or a group.

Lemonade and Poker Walks

Get out your Poker face and join us for lemonade walks on Wednesdays at 1:30pm. We will meet in the lobby before our walk. After our walk, you will be offered a glass of lemonade and an opportunity to choose one card from the deck. At the end of 5 weeks, who ever has the best poker hand wins a prize.