Weekly Update

To: All Families, Friends, Residents, and Staff
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly COVID-19 Update

Date: July 22, 2020


We have passed another week with no known cases of COVID 19 with staff and residents at Quail Summit. Quail Summit is among the twenty percent (20%) of enriched housing, adult homes, assisted living residences statewide that met the New York State Department of Health Criteria to allow visitation. Visitation began on July 20, 2020. I am proud of the staff’s diligence and commitment and adherence to Infection Control Policies and Procedures.

I want to thank you for both the written and verbal comments sent regarding the weekly COVID updates. This will be the last one unless there is either a COVID Positive Staff member or resident.

We wish you good health.  Please continue to be Safe, to Wear a Mask, and keep a 6-foot distance.

To: All Families, Friends, Residents, and Staff
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly COVID-19 Update

Date: July 13, 2020

Quail Summit has had no known cases of COVID-19. Visitation will begin Wednesday July 15, 2020. Please review the Guidelines below.

Quail Summit Visitation Guidelines Effective July 15, 2020

Visiting will be permitted at Quail Summit provided the following criteria is met:

  1. Visitor is 18 years of age or older or accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
  2. All visitors must wear a facemask. Facemask must cover both the nose and mouth.
  3. All visitors will sanitize their hands before visiting. Hand sanitizer will be available at the table and where the visit is occurring.
  4. Visitors will be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to resident access and will be refused access if they exhibit any symptoms or do not pass the screening questions. Screening will consist of both temperature checks and asking screening questions to assess potential exposure to COVID-19. Questions will include travel both internationally and travel to other states.
  5. Visitors will be required to provide the following: first and last name, street address, daytime and evening telephone numbers, and email address if available.
  6. Visitors are limited to 2 people to one resident.
  7. A social distance of 6 feet must be maintained.
  8. No food may be consumed while visiting.
  9. No physical contact is permitted, no touching, hugging, kissing permitted.
  10. Visits will be limited to 45 minutes, i.e. 10-10:45 AM, (Monday thru Friday) and will be scheduled in advance, by contacting QS Reception at 585.396.1010. Time Slots are on a first come basis. Guidelines for visiting will be posted on QS website including any changes in visiting times including a halt/pause in visiting.
  11. All visiting will be limited to outdoor areas. Upon arrival report to the main entrance for screening.
  12. At no time shall the total number of visitors exceed 10 per cent of the current in-house resident census.
  13. If either a resident or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, all visiting will be halted for a minimum of 28 days.
  14. If any visitor fails to adhere to the protocol, he/she/they will be prohibited from visiting during the duration of the COVID-19 state declared public health emergency.


To: All Families, Friends, Residents, and Staff
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly COVID-19 Update

Date: July 8, 2020

I am happy and humble that another week has passed with no known cases of COVID-19. The staff continue to be tested weekly for COVID-19, which will continue thru July 9, 2020.

We do not know if the Governor will extend the current Executive Order that all staff working in adult care communities and skilled nursing homes be tested weekly.

Life Enrichment scheduled an outdoor concert for all residents for July 8, 2020, which has been rescheduled to next week, due to the extreme heat this week.


The Continental Breakfast will begin to be served in the Estates Dining Room beginning Monday, July 13, 8:00-9:30 AM..

Harbor and Village:

No Visiting is Permitted in the Harbor or Village. We await direction from Governor Cuomo. If you are interested in visiting, please contact Governor Cuomo’s office. Life Enrichment continues to offer a varied program of activities for all the residents, see the monthly calendar in the newsletter.

In the interest of keeping residents and staff of Quail Summit healthy, please be aware that there are currently 19 states that require 14-day Quarantines either for visitors arriving in the state or current residents returning to the state. Visitors to the Estates and staff of Quail Summit will be asked if they have left the Rochester area recently or recently came to NYS from the current 19 affected states.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at: 585.396.1010 or gharrington@quailsummit.com


To: All Families, Friends, Residents, and Staff
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly COVID-19 Update

Date: June 24, 2020

To date no staff have tested positive. There have been no known cases. Staff continue to be tested weekly. NYSDOH provided an optional opportunity to residents and families of the Harbor and Village to be tested for COVID 19, eight residents were tested as part of this NYSDOH initiative.


Harbor and Village Policies:

  • Per Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order, there is No outdoor or indoor visiting for residents of the Village or Harbor. Civil Penalties, Fines, and Criminal Charges can be filed against the Operator and the Administrator if the Executive Order issued by the Governor is not followed. To date we have had one family ignore this order. Failure to comply with this executive order will result in residents not being permitted to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Window visits with the windows closed are permitted in the Harbor or Village.
  • Medical Visits outside the building are limited to “Essential Visits.” Visits that which cannot be done by telemedicine. Quail Summit will provide the transportation.

Families of Residents of the Harbor and Village who are anxious to visit their relatives are strongly encouraged to write to Governor Cuomo regarding visitation. To contact the Governor, please call 1-518-474-8390. Families should also contact the NYSDOH to express their desire to visit loved ones. The contact information for NYSDOH is: covidadulthomeinfo@health.ny.gov.


  • Estates Residents are permitted to have one designated visitor to their apartment.
  • Estates residents can go out for all medical and other appointments.
  • Estates residents are strongly discouraged from attending parties or gatherings of people who are not isolating or practicing “social distancing” and wearing masks.


  • A Registered Nurse (RN) was hired to lead the Wellness Department, but due to unforeseen circumstances was not able to start as scheduled on June 23.
  • Quail Summit is actively recruiting for an RN, with both supervisory and Assisted Living experience. If you know of a RN who is might be interested please refer the individuals to Quail Summit.


  • Admissions to the Estates will begin July 1. All new residents will quarantine for 14 days after moving into Quail Summit.
  • All new residents will be required to be COVID 19 Tested prior to move-in.

Life Enrichment:

  • Outdoor Concerts are being planned for mid-July.
  • Weekly Wegman’s shopping trip will resume in July.


COVID 19 is still in the local community. Please do not visit in the Estates if you or a family member have been exposed to COVID 19,

There are residents in the Estates that are extremely concerned about other residents going out into the local community, attending family get togethers where social distancing and mask wearing is not done. It will take the action of only one resident, staff, or family member to change the situation here at Quail Summit. This is a community and residents, staff, and families have a moral responsibility to wear masks, and practice social distancing. These are the most important actions that will keep the Quail Summit community safe and COVID free.


To: All Families, Friends, Residents, and Staff
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly COVID-19 Update

Date: June 2, 2020

Another week has passed, to date Quail Summit has remained with no known COVID-19 cases. The staff have completed three rounds of testing, and a fourth testing is being conducted today.

Life remains unchanged for the residents. Another outdoor serenading concert has been scheduled but is weather dependent. The Department of Life Enrichment has brought back a favorite activity, Lemonade Walks, a walk with lemonade to follow.

A Drive by Family Parade has been scheduled for June 12, at 11:00 AM. We are hoping to bring smiles to the residents and give an opportunity for families to see their loved one. If you would like to participate, please call, or e-mail Wendy Ubbink by 6/5 to let her know who your family member is. We want to make sure they are watching. Contact Wendy at: 585.396.1010 or wubbink@quailsummit.com

I do not have any information as to when the NYSDOH will permit visitors to Quail Summit, when we know something about visits, we will let you know.

Have a good week and stay safe!


To: All Families, Friends, Residents, and Staff
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly COVID-19 Update

Date: May 27, 2020

I am thrilled, if not ecstatic that Quail Summit to report that Quail Summit has continued for another week No Known Cases of COVID-19.

On May 20, 2020 employee testing for all employees: administration, full-time & part-time employees, and contract workers were tested. I am so proud to be able to report that 100% of the employees tested negative. Employee testing will continue twice a week through June 9, 2020, when the current Executive Order expires.  My hat is off to all the staff who continue to demonstrate their commitment to the safety of the residents.

The Life Enrichment Department is planning a parade for early June, see the forthcoming newsletter for details on how you can participate. The snack cart continues three times a week. Bettina continues to be busy in the Hair Salon, if you want a haircut, permanent, wash and set, please call the receptionist at 396-1010 to make an appointment.

The Life Enrichment and Maintenance Department have joined to plant flowers, hang flower baskets to decorate the outdoor areas. Hope you enjoy the signs of hope!

This week I was notified that the Ontario County Office for the Aging had selected Sherrie Winters, a resident of the Estates, the Senior of the Year. Sherrie was nominated by Quail Summit for her volunteering at Quail, leading a Women’s Spiritual Group and Entertaining the Harbor residents with a weekly organ concert. Congratulations, Sherrie!

COVID 19 virus will be with us for the time being, so please Stay Safe, wash your hands, and continue to Practice “Social Distancing.”


To: All Families, Friends, and Residents of Quail Summit
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly COVID-19 Update

Date: May 19, 2020

I am thrilled, if not ecstatic, that Quail Summit has continued to have No Known cases of COVID-19.

Beginning tomorrow May 20,2020, Quail Summit will begin to test all employees twice a week per Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order. This week we will test once on Wednesday, then going forward next week on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Staff who work three (3) days or less per week will be tested once a week, those employees who work 4 or more days per week will be tested twice (2) a week. The testing results will be available between 48 and 72 hours. Per NYSDOH Regulations, Quail Summit must notify residents, families, and staff if an employee tests positive within 24 hours. Quail Summit will work with the Ontario County Department of Health should a positive result be received.

The Life Enrichment Department is working with several entertainers to have outdoor concerts, the entertainers will play outside and go around the whole building. These concerts will begin once the weather temperatures stabilize and there is no rain.

The Beauty Parlor back in business with Bettina Kalish at the helm brought much happiness to the residents last week, it will take this week to catch up with the demand.

Memorial Day a special meal will be served at noon to the residents: deviled eggs, fried chicken or sausage with peppers and onions, salt potatoes, broccoli salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, watermelon, strawberry shortcake, or peach/blueberry pie. The residents, staff, and I look forward to a day when we can invite you in or residents can visit you. Until that time, please stay safe, wash your hands, and practice “Social Distancing.”


To: All Families, Friends, and Residents of Quail Summit
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly Communication May 12, 2020

I am pleased if not delighted to be able to report for another week of No known cases of COVID-19 at Quail Summit.

The residents have been following for the most part “social distancing” and wearing masks when they leave their apartments.

All the carts that I have mentioned in the past several weeks continue. Residents celebrated in style on Mother’s Day with a special meal. All the mother’s received a teacup filled with chocolates, a tea bag, and lip balm. We appreciated families following our request to not Window Visit last weekend. The screeners were thrilled to be busy delivering flowers and gifts on Mother’s Day.

Last week Quail Summit received a surprise inspection from the New York State Department of Health to inspect on “infection control protocols” and to ensure that all directives were being followed. The two inspectors were satisfied that all protocols were being followed.

The big news this week, is that Bettina Kalish, the beautician who rented the salon when Quail Summit closed the doors on March 13 and was not allowed to continue to work here, has been hired as an employee by Quail Summit. The beauty salon will reopen on Wednesday, May 13. Residents will no longer pay her directly and no tips are permitted. Beauty salon charges will be added to resident monthly statements.

In addition, Governor Cuomo, issued an Executive Order on May 10, 2020 “requiring that all nursing homes and adult care facilities to test or make arrangements for the testing of all personnel, including all employees, contract staff, medical staff, operators and administrators, for COVID-19 twice a week.” Quail Summit is required to submit a plan by 5 pm. on May 13, 2020. We are currently working on a plan to comply with this Executive Order.

Thank you for your support during these unusual of times.


To: All Families, Friends, and Residents of Quail Summit
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly Communication May 5, 2020

I am pleased to continue to report that Quail Summit has no known cases of COVID-19.

I want to continue to thank the staff, managers, residents, and families for their cooperation during COVID-19, without everyone’s cooperation we would not be in this position.

Today, we are celebrating “Cinco de Mayo.” Our celebration is much different that what had been planned – sadly, no Mariachi Band. Today, staff will be going room to room with a Cinco de Mayo cart, featuring margaritas, nonalcoholic drinks, and salsa and chips, queso and chips.

May 10 is “Mother’s Day,” which we know that this an important day for families. Due to COVID-19, we are not able to open the doors and invite you for a Mother’s Day Brunch. This year the Food Service Department will be delivering the following meal to residents: Shrimp Cocktail, Filet Mignon or Crab and Scallop Stuffed Sole, Potato Au Gratin or Baked Potato, Creamed Spinach or Asparagus, and for dessert Italian Almond Cream Cake or Chocolate Mouse Layer Cake.

We know that you want to see, visit, and honor your mothers, however NYS Department of Health will not permit that this year. Due to privacy concerns, safety, and the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday window visits are NOT Permitted at this time. This policy is consistent with policies adopted by other area communities.

Quail Summit would like to offer the following:

— Send Cards

— Email messages to: receptionist@quailsummit.com, which our staff will print out and deliver them to your parent, grandparent, great grandparent.

— Deliver care packages, send, or deliver flowers, candy, to the front door and staff will deliver them to your family member. If you want to Zoom or FaceTime your Mother, Grandmother, or Great Grandmother contact Mike Dowdle@quailsummit.com to schedule a time on Thursday or Friday. Calls are limited to 15 minutes. Sunday calls are limited to 1-3PM.

— Quail Summit will be delivering a small gift to each Mother at Quail Summit.

Staff/Resident Ambassadors:

There has been one change to the assignments, Patty Bailey, RN will not be the contact for the Harbor or Village Residents. Please contact Betsy Frenzel, RN, Interim Wellness/Case manager who is onsite Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM-3:30 PM, with any questions or concerns you may have. Betsy can be reached at 585.396.1010.


If there is a COVID-19 case at Quail Summit, if your family member is directly affected, you will receive a personal telephone call from the nurse or me. The rest of the families will be notified by email. Quail Summit’s current COVID-19 status is always posted on the website: www.quailsummit.com .

Thank you to those of you that have sent me emails, I have enjoyed reading them and sharing them with the staff.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at: 585.396.1010 or gharrington@quailsummit.com .

Wear Masks! Practice Social Distancing! Stay Healthy!


To: All Families, Friends, and Residents of Quail Summit
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Re: Weekly Communication April 28, 2020

I am very pleased to report to date that Quail Summit has not had any known cases of COVID-19.

I want to thank the staff, managers, residents, and families for their cooperation during the COVID-19. Without everyone’s cooperation in adhering to sanitizing, washing hands, wearing face masks, practicing Social Distance, and staying home we could have had a very different story to tell. I continue to be humble and thankful for this outcome.

While the rate of cases has declined in Ontario County, there are still new cases daily. We will remain on Visiting Restrictions until such time that the New York State Department of Health lifts them.

I know that families and residents alike are anxious to visit. We know that warm weather is coming, and residents will be outside walking or sitting with appropriate “social distancing.” But please understand that this still means that families cannot visit outdoors — visiting is still restricted. Visiting with residents must continue through windows, with windows closed. Families can see their loved one and talk with them over the phone. Failure to adhere to these simple guidelines will force us to consider stricter window visiting procedures that have been implemented by other communities.

Let us continue to work together to keep both residents and staff healthy.

The May Newsletter will be either mailed or emailed as families have requested. Special activities have been planned for Mother’s Day; but unfortunately because of CoVID-19 there will be no Mother’s Day Brunch this year.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at: 585.396.1010 or gharrington@quailsummit.com

Stay Healthy! Practice Social Distancing! Wear Masks!


To: All Quail Summit families, friends, and residents
From: Gloria Harrington, Executive Director
Date: April 22, 2020

Another week has gone, we have passed the five and a half (5 1/2) week mark since the doors were shuttered here. I know that this has been incredibly difficult for both residents and families, not being able to see or hug each other. Unfortunately, like many others I wish I had the answer as how long these restrictions will be in place. The staff continue to sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize. Staff have been encouraged to act responsibly when they leave here to continually wash their hands and practice social distancing. Quail Summit is in the process of providing cloth masks to all that need them.

Spring brings sunny days and warm weather. We need your cooperation with the following:

— Window visits are permitted and encouraged, provided that the window remains closed, and you use a phone to communicate.

— We will be encouraging your family members to get outdoors, appropriately distanced, one-on-one or in groups, wearing their masks.

We know that you will want to visit, but Quail Summit is not permitted to lift any visiting restrictions, thus no family walks or outdoor visits are permitted. We have done an excellent job to date on mitigating risks at Quail Summit, and will continue to do so until the New York State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicate it is safe for the residents (your loved ones) who have entrusted their care and safety to Quail Summit.

As of this date, we have no known cases of COVID-19 at Quail Summit;
and no known cases since the outbreak.

Life Enrichments (Activities):

Our activities department continues to provide activities this past week including the following:

Sunday: Activity Sheets are distributed for the week

Monday: Ice Cream Cart goes apartment to apartment passing out ice cream novelties

Tuesday: Apartment Bingo

Wednesday: Snack and Library Cart visits all areas of the building, distribution of Spiritual Messages of Hope

Thursday: Apartment Bingo, Encouragement of Daily Balance Training Exercises

Friday: Happy Hour cart goes apartment to apartment mixing up each resident’s favorite alcoholic or nonalcoholic drink. Popcorn is distributed with their drink.

Activity kits are available on tables throughout the building for the taking.

Earth Day Celebration/ April 22: Each resident will receive their own seeds, soil, and cup to start a flower.

A local Girl Scout troop made cards for all the residents, since the troop could no longer meet.

Parades, once we have weather forecast that looks promising for warmer weather and no rain or snow, Quail Summit will send out a parade announcement via email. This will be time at which residents will be outside and family members can drive by and wave to your loved one.

This is a reminder that:

Face to Face Video Calls are available to families/responsible parties: contact Mike Dowdle at: mdowdle@quailsummit.com to schedule

— Families can deliver or send care packages to residents. Delivery can be made to the front entrance of Quail Summit between the hours of: 6:30 AM-7 PM, seven days per week.

— Village families may call the main number: 585-396-1010, ask to be connected to the Village to speak to your loved one.

Staff/Resident Ambassadors:

There have been several changes to the assignments due to staff changes:

Harbor and Village:
Patty Bailey, RN, Director of Wellness

130 Wing: Bonnie Babcock, Asst. Executive Director
140 Wing: Wendy Ubbink, Life Enrichment Director
230 Wing: Mike Dowdle, Staff Educator
240 Wing: Jeff Schott, Business Manager
330 Wing: Randy Sears, Director of Maintenance
340 Wing: Becky Boylan, Director of Food Service

Staff will call or visit residents at least weekly to check in with them. If you are concerned about a resident’s well-being, please contact the staff member.

Changes this Week:

The Governor issued an Executive Order on April 19, regarding COVID-19 Notifications to all residents, families/responsible parties and next of kin. This order was immediate it requires all operators of adult homes/enriched housing to notify within 24 hours notify all parties of the following:

If any resident tests positive for COVID-19

— If any resident suffers a COVID-19 related death

If your family member is directly affected, you will receive a personal telephone call from the nurse or me. The rest of the families/responsible parties of Quail Summit will be notified by email.

Let me stress again, as of this date, we have no known cases of COVID-19 at Quail Summit; and no known cases since the outbreak.


— A dedicated housekeeper has been assigned to the Harbor effective April 20. This individual only cleans in the Harbor, for infection control purposes.

Due to some Estates residents and perhaps a visitor or two (reported by other Estates residents) choosing to bypass the central check in/screening process required by the Department of Health, resident keys will no longer be able to open exterior doors to gain entry to the building.

The staff and I will continue to do our very best to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

We Thank You for following the directives the President of the United States, the Governor of New York State, the NYS Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) implemented to keep all healthy and COVID-19 Free.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at: 585-396-1010 or gharrington@quailsummit.com.  We will be updating this information weekly. Please feel free to visit this page again on a regular and on-going basis until the restrictions have been lifted.

Stay Home! Practice Social Distance!