Tips from Quail Summit

Surprising, Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music

“One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Judging from the quote above, Bob Marley was part poet, part scientist. That’s because there’s truth to his head-bobbing lyrics from the song Trenchtown Rock. Research suggests that music not only helps us cope with pain—it can also benefit our physical and mental health in numerous other ways.

Music can…

  1. Ease pain
  2. Motivate people to exercise more
  3. Improve running motivation and performance
  4. Increase workout endurance
  5. Speed up post-work out recovery
  6. Improve sleep quality
  7. Help people eat less
  8. Enhance blood vessel function
  9. Reduce Stress
  10. Induce a meditative state
  11. Relieve symptoms of depression
  12. Elevate mood
  13. Improve cognitive performance
  14. Help people perform better in high-pressure situations
  15. Reduce anxiety
  16. Relax patients before surgery
  17. Ease stress after surgery
  18. Elevate mood while driving
  19. Help cancer patients manage stress and anxiety
  20. Ease recovery in stroke patients.

Just like milk, music also does the body good. Please join us this Holiday season for one of our many music programs.